2019 FOSS4G Bucharest Talks speaker: Gérald Fenoy

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ZOO-Project: News about the Open WPS Platform

ZOO-Project is a WPS (Web Processing Service) platform which is implemented as an Open
Source project and following the OGC standards, it was released under an MIT/X-11 style license and
is currently in incubation at OSGeo. It provides a WPS compliant developer-friendly framework to
easily create and chain WPS Web services. This presentation gives a brief overview of the platform
and summarizes new capabilities and enhancement available in the new version. A brief
summary of the Open Source project history with its direct link with FOSS4G will be presented. The new release comes up with a brand new R and HPC support, updated SAGA-GIS support and more other new features. The new functionalities and concepts available in the latest release will be presented and described, also highlight their interests for applications developers and users. Apart from that, various use of OSGeo software, such as GDAL, GEOS, PostGIS, pgRouting, GRASS, OTB, SAGA-GIS, as WPS services through the ZOO-Project will be presented. Then, the ongoing developments and future innovations will be explored.

MapMint: The service-oriented platform

MapMint is a comprehensive task manager for publishing web mapping applications. It is a robust
open source geospatial platform allowing the user to organize, edit, process and publish spatial data
to the Internet. MapMint includes a complete administration tool for MapServer and simple user
interfaces to create mapfiles visually.
MapMint is based on the extensive use of OGC standards and automates WMS, WFS, WMT-S, and
WPS. Most of the MapMint core functions are run through WPS requests which are calling general or
geospatial web services: vector and raster operations, mapfiles creation, spatial analysis and queries
and much more. MapMint server-side is built on top of ZOO-Project, MapServer and GDAL and its
numerous WPS services are written in C, Python and JavaScript. MapMint client-side is based on
OpenLayers and Jquery and provides user-friendly tools to create, publish and view maps.
MapMint architecture and main features will be introduced in this presentation, and its modules
(dashboard, distiller, manager, and publisher) will be described with an emphasis on the OGC standards and
OSGeo software they are using. Some short but relevant case studies and examples will finally
illustrate some of the key MapMint functionalities.