2019 FOSS4G Bucharest Talks speaker: René-Luc DHONT


WPS with Qgis processing - From desktop to server

We will discuss the implementation of a full featured WPS service built upon the Qgis processing toolbox. From this, we will show how we can use the algorithms managed from the desktop Qgis directly on a serveur backend.

Will we show use case from the context of a deforestation study that uses processing models to make projection of future deforestation states. The results of the model are then used from server side to expose maps and indicators to decision makers.

QGIS: No more plugins only processings

With QGIS 3 and the processing module refactoring, it is easiest to add tools without the complexity of plugins.

We will discuss the way to add algorithms in python to QGIS and the advantage of using processing. We will also discuss the limit and future of processing modules. As described by Victor Olaya in 2016 during the 2nd International QGIS Conference, all the QGIS tools should be algorithms.

Offline viewing and editing Geographic Information for Forest Fire Defense

As part of the Open DFCI project: Geographic Information Portal for the Defense of Forests Against Fires, the Entente Valabre for the Mediterranean forest wished to put in place a solution of offline viewing and editing geographic information.

We will presents the context: OpenDFCI web portal based on Lizmap, the firemen needs, the Geoppopy choice: Raspberry Pi Standalone WebGIS Server, and the realisation.

Lizmap to create Web Map Applications

Lizmap is an open-source application to create web map application, based on a QGIS plugin and a Web Client. The project started in 2011 and the 3rd version has been published in 2016. In 2019, the project has to be adapted to QGIS 3.

We will present the state of the project, the connected projects as mapbuilder module and extension scripts, and what is coming in the future.