2019 FOSS4G Bucharest Talks speaker: Sanghee Shin

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Current Status of mago3D, an Open Source Based Digital Twin Platform

I'll talk about the recent achievements and improvements of mago3D project, an open source based 'Digital Twin' platform. mago3D(http://mago3d.com) is relatively new project first released in July 2017. The ultimate goal of mago3D project is developing an open source based digital twin platform that can replicate and simulate the real world objects, processes, and phenomena on web environment. mago3D is on its way to achieve this goal now. mago3D has been used in various industry sectors including ship building, urban management, indoor data management, and national defense. In this talk I'll showcase several real projects that employed the mago3D and will talk about what I've learnt during this projects.

Let's Power the Analytics and 3D to the Web Based Military Geo-Portal using FOSS4G!

I'll introduce the web based military geo-portal system which was implemented on top of numerous open source projects such as PostGIS, GeoServer, Cesium, mago3D, OpenGXT. This military geo-portal system provides search, layer control, satellite image retrieval, spatial/terrain analysis, reading coordinates, and map notes functionalities to the military officers through intranet. This system is basically a web based 3D GIS utilizing mago3D and can be switched to 2D. This system utilizes the OGC WPS(Web Processing Service) for the analysis on web environment. As a result of this system implementation, military officers can access the huge amount of geospatial data and analysis functions on a web environment without installing additional software.