“Crash Analysis System (CAS) – a crash data analytics and visualisation platform”
2019-08-29, 16:30–16:50, Simfonia

Orbica and partner Catalyst developed a user-friendly web application to live stream New Zealand Transport Agency’s database of 1.5 million crash records on a map so that transport planners and engineers (with no SQL knowledge) could build complex stacked spatial and aspatial queries with drag-and-drop, ease of use and intuitive controls. The road safety community is using CAS to output complex reports and collision diagrams to help them target and advocate for road safety improvements.
The following technologies were used for CAS:
• A React, Leaflet and plugins and PIXI.js/webGl-based front-end
• PostGIS/SQL server spatial databases
• PHP, SilverStripe, web socket-based layer
Orbica mixed and tweaked several existing Leaflet and community plugins to create comprehensive modular components for the GIS aspects of the CAS solution. Main features included:
• A fully “edit geometry” standardised component made from existing community plugins and new special features
• Map data visualisation (heatmaps, clusters, PIXI/webGL special rendering features)
• Standalone schematic/GIS data visualisation component based on dedicated 2D graphic PIXI.js system.
Relevant features/components might be shared with the open-source community soon.