“LEOWorks, an educational open source software”
2019-08-29, 11:00–11:20, Hora Room

LEOWorks is an educational open source software for inspecting and analyzing satellite images. It represents the main tool for demonstrating Earth Observation techniques within the European Earth Observation Web Site for Secondary Schools - EDUSPACE, belonging to the European Space Agency (ESA) and is developed by TERRASIGNA. Our project is a great and easy to use GIS tool that comes with features as:

  • Read and analyze SENTINEL 1 and SENTINEL 2 products
  • Raster support for a large number of formats
  • Importing of GPS (GPX format) files
  • Displaying images in grayscale and/or RGB
  • Image enhancement techniques (e.g. contrast manipulation, filtering)
  • Image registration/georeferencing
  • Performing measurements on imagery
  • Unsupervised and supervised image classification
  • Creating, editing, displaying and querying vector data (GIS manager)
  • Animation of multi-temporal images
  • Enriched GIS functionalities
  • Interactive streatching
  • Multisensor data fusion (between coregistered images from different sensors)
  • Map Composer

LEOWorks is an educational open source software that always is evolving based on the requests received from our community or great new ideas from it's developers.