“Open Street Map, get beyond just the nice map”
2019-08-28, 14:30–14:50, Simfonia

Open Street Map is a great data provider and database in areas where data is lacking, its most well-known product is the Open Street Map Basemap, but other than overlaying your data over OSM basemaps, did you know that there are ways to map and interact with all that data in a multitude of ways. To go beyond just the nice map and to create geo-intelligence you must go beyond accessing the basemap and start interacting with the data yourself or analyse it with your own data, that not necessarily fit into the structure of Open Street Map.
This presentation will walk through some of the applications in which we made use of Open Street Map data create our own insights. We show how data can be downloaded, with just a click on a button in QGIS and showcase some of the projects and maps where we have used Open Street Map data to create geo-intelligence and here is an example how could you find the number of people supplied by a water source stored in OSM. Let us show you how. QGIS give you a lot of free options to work with Open Street Map data with heavy support so it is easy to access data, which is why we are using this piece of software to carry out the analysis on open street map data.