FOSS4G 2019 Bucharest Workshops speaker: Jody Garnett

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Thriving in hybrid ESRI & Opensource environments

A hybrid architecture of proprietary components (ArcGIS, FME, Oracle) and open source components (OpenLayers, OGR, QGIS, GeoServer) is common in many organizations. But it has its challenges. Data and map projects are hard to share between departments, due to proprietary formats and encodings. In this workshop we introduce you to a set of best practices and tools that will facilitate better interoperability within the organization and with external partners. Ground principle is the adoption of OGC standards, which are generally supported in open and proprietary software. Alternatively various plugins are available to support these standards. GeoCat Bridge is such a tool, an ArcGIS Desktop plugin which gets you, as an ArcGIS user, easily started with OGC standards and the OSGeo stack.

After this workshop you will be able to identify challenges in any hybrid data infrastructure, have awareness how to prevent and solve them. If you bring a device having ArcGIS Desktop, you will also publish your first map from ArcMap to GeoServer and visualize it in OpenLayers without touching a line of code.

GeoServer Developers Workshop

GeoServer is an amazing project, and an amazing project to work with!

Please attend this workshop to:

  • Get Started with the GeoServer codebase
  • Orientation with a Tour of the GeoServer architecture
  • Introduction the service dispatch framework, including creating your own service
  • Built chain and test facilities
  • Create a custom function for use with map styling
  • Create a custom process for use with style transformations and web processing service
  • Anatomy of a successful pull request

Attendees will build their own GeoServer, learn a bit about how our community operates, and enjoy extending the base application.

If you are a developer looking to support GeoServer, or join us for a sprint or bug-stomp, this workshop is great introduction.

This course features hands-on development. We encourage and expect you to bring your favourite Java development environment.

For a good time with open source join GeoServer today!

GeoTools Developer Workshop

GeoTools is a popular OSGeo java library for working with geospatial information. This workshop offers a hands-on visual introduction for Java developers exploring how you can integrate GIS services into your next project.

The workshop offers a steady series of workbooks introducing:

  • Feature creation
  • Geometry, Coordinate Reference Systems and Re-projection
  • Spatial Queries
  • Handling large format raster
  • Raster Operations
  • Working with Style
  • Extending GeoTools with a custom Function and Process

If you are new to geospatial we will be introducing each spatial concept as we show how they are applied.

Covering both the concepts and the science of map making the workbooks serve as an excellent reference, but the focus is always on you and the code you need to get the job done.