“Introduction to GeoNetwork Opensource”
2019-08-27, 09:00–13:00, Room 2

The GeoNetwork Opensource project has been an OSGeo project since a decade. It is a catalog application facilitating discovery of resources within any local, regional, national or global SDI. Users can register their spatial datasets, services, maps, sensors in a central catalog. Others can query the catalog to find resources via the website or directly from a GIS application like GeoNode or QGIS. The catalog records can also be ingested by other catalogs and search engines to facilitate wider discovery.

In this workshop the main contributors to the project will explain use cases around spatial catalogs, relevant OGC (and W3C) standards, the use of GeoNetwork in local and regional setups and an introduction to the GeoNetwork community. We’ll quickly go through setup and configuration and try to fill it with your own data.

At the end of the workshop, attendants will understand what a spatial catalog is, how it relates to a Spatial Data Infrastructure and they will be able to deploy and administer their own spatial catalog.

GeoNetwork OpenSource is used as regional or national catalog in many countries all over the world. The catalog is ready for INSPIRE, it facilitates various (meta)data encodings that are ingested and exposed through OGC and W3C services.