“Extraction, analysis and dataviz on open geospatial datasets”
2019-08-27, 09:00–13:00, Room 5

Since a few years, open data portals have become more and more popular, allowing experienced users to download and exploit a wide range of datasets, among which georeferenced ones.

This workshop will demystify the exploitation of such data, by illustrating typical data processing with a concrete example, e.g. analyse a bike-sharing system in a given city:
- extract data from open data portals and put it into a database;
- product new information through machine learning techniques;
- display data with a public API and visualize it with a web application.

All these steps will be achieved with a lot of Python and a bit of Javascript, without forgetting PostgreSQL and its PostGIS extension to store georeferenced data.

The workshop is intended for intermediate users, with basic knowledge in Data Science and Python/Javascript. Live coding (through Jupyter Notebooks) will take up the major part of the workshop, and attendees will be encouraged to handle data.