“Doing Geospatial with Python”
2019-08-27, 09:00–13:00, Room 3

With a low barrier to entry and large ecosystem of tools and libraries, Python is the lingua franca for geospatial development. Whether you are doing data acquisition, processing, publishing, integration or analysis, there are no shortage of solid Python tools to assist in your day to day workflows.

This workshop will provide an introduction to performing common GIS/geospatial tasks using Python geospatial tools such as OWSLib, Shapely, Fiona/Rasterio, using common geospatial libraries like GDAL, PROJ, pycsw, and other tools from the geopython toolchain. Manipulate vector/raster data using Shapely, Fiona/Rasterio. Publish data and metadata to OGC web services using MapScript, pygeometa, and pycsw. Visualize your data on a map using Jupyter and Folium. Plus a few extras in between!

The workshop is provided using the Jupyter Notebook environment with Python 3.