“GeoTools Developer Workshop”
2019-08-27, 09:00–13:00, Room 10

GeoTools is a popular OSGeo java library for working with geospatial information. This workshop offers a hands-on visual introduction for Java developers exploring how you can integrate GIS services into your next project.

The workshop offers a steady series of workbooks introducing:

  • Feature creation
  • Geometry, Coordinate Reference Systems and Re-projection
  • Spatial Queries
  • Handling large format raster
  • Raster Operations
  • Working with Style
  • Extending GeoTools with a custom Function and Process

If you are new to geospatial we will be introducing each spatial concept as we show how they are applied.

Covering both the concepts and the science of map making the workbooks serve as an excellent reference, but the focus is always on you and the code you need to get the job done.