“Your first steps with Orfeo Toolbox ; how to write an OTB processing chain within a Jupyter Notebook ?”
2019-08-26, 09:00–13:00, Room 7

This workshop is addressed to beginners with OTB, who want to begin use OTB in their own remote sensing and geomatic processings. You will manipulate a Jupyter Notebook and will learn how to use OTB Python interface, interactions with other frameworks (GDAL, Xarray, PostgreSQL), through a realistic processing chain.

You must bring their own laptop :
- if you have a Linux, Windows or Mac with a Python environment (3.x) properly configured, you can choose to install Orfeo ToolBox and download the workshop material (datapackage and jupyter notebooks / scripts)
- you can also download a virtual machine (Linux OS, configured with all the software & data required) to run with Oracle Virtual Box.

All the instructions and download links are here : https://gitlab.orfeo-toolbox.org/dyoussef/otb-guided-tour/blob/master/README.md