“Introduction to MapStore, mashups made simple”
2019-08-27, 14:00–18:00, Room 1

This workshop will provide an introduction to creating geospatial mashups using the MapStore Open Source product and framework.

MapStore is the Open Source product for creating, saving and sharing in a simple and intuitive way maps and mashups created selecting contents from public services like Google Maps and OpenStreetMap or other servers implementing OGC and ISO protocols. Thanks to MapStore the user can mix her own data with data available on the web to create comprehensive
maps and share them with anyone (also via social networks). MapStore is cross-browser, and mobile ready.

We will show how to create and navigate maps. We will also show how the framework can be used to create a custom WebGis project.

In order to participate to the workshop a working knowledge of JavaScript and OGC services is recommended.