“Tips and Tricks for QGIS layouts, reports and atlas serial printing”
2019-08-27, 14:00–18:00, Room 11

In this workshop I will present tips and tricks around QGIS print layouts, reports and atlas serial printing.

This workshop assumes that participants are already a bit familiar with QGIS layouts and also know a little bit about expressions and variables.

Planned content: * adding map decorations (advanced gridlines, north-arrows, overview maps, scale and projection information, etc.) * adding user names and print dates to your layouts (using expressions and variables) * dynamically add vector graphics or raster images using attribute data and expressions * creating dynamic layouts that adopt to changes in page size and orientation with variables and expressions * atlas serial printing with filtering and dynamic symbology * added content from related tables (database relations) * creating reports with headers, footers, header pages and dynamic content * including dynamic content from web services (HTML, JSON), also with on-load javascript events * demo: using Atlas serial prints with QGIS server